Law Enforcement

The City of Safety Harbor uses the services of Pinellas County Sheriffs' Department to provide law enforcement services through an annual contract.
Crime Tip of the Month
People often ask, "what's the best security system to protect their property?" Well, the answer is easy: lock your doors. Most crimes are crimes of opportunity, which means the suspect was given the opportunity to commit the crime.

Elements of a Crime
Crimes require 3 elements; opportunity, desire and ability. If you remove any of the 3 , the suspect won't be able to commit the crime or steal your belongings. For example, if you leave a camera in the car with the door unlocked, a criminal has all 3 elements of a crime present. If we take away the opportunity by locking the door, our camera will be much safer.

Keep Items Out of Sight
Remember, keeping your valuable items out of sight is always a good idea. During the past few months, 76% of all the cars that were burglarized were because of unlocked doors.