Display Policy


The Safety Harbor Public Library plays a vital role in our community by promoting full and equal access to information, encouraging the love of reading, enabling life-long learning, and empowering creativity. The library is a place for everyone, with safe, confidential, free access to library resources and services and affirms its commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive environment where all community members are included, welcomed, and represented.

Displays created by library staff are a valuable part of public outreach and provide information and a connection between the community’s needs, library collections and programs, and recognize a wide range of holidays, cultures, and celebrations. By providing a variety of displays, both physical and virtual, the library informs and acknowledges people of all ages and backgrounds.

Principles and Criteria

Library staff use the following criteria in making decisions about display topics, materials, and accompanying resources:

  • Community needs and interest
  • Availability of display space
  • Historical, cultural, or educational significance
  • Connection to other community or national programs, exhibitions, holidays, or events
  • Promotion of library collections, resources, and programs

The library may draw upon other community resources in developing displays and may partner with other community agencies, organizations, or educational institutions to develop co-sponsored displays.

The library strives to include a wide spectrum of opinions and viewpoints in library-initiated displays and offer displays that appeal to a range of ages, interests, viewpoints, and informational needs. Library initiated displays should not exclude topics, books, media, and other resources solely because they may be controversial. Displays will not advertise business or commercial ventures or promote political campaigns or parties. 

Any objections to displays should be made in writing by submitting a Request for Review of Library Materials and Library Displays form.