Commercial Services


Commercial customers, such as businesses, restaurants or shopping centers will be provided commercial front-load dumpsters for storage and collection of solid waste material. The Sanitation Division provides various size containers, 2,4,6 and 8 cubic yards, for garbage. If your business requires more volume or a compactor, please contact us to evaluate your sanitation collection needs. Collection is available Monday through Friday. Please call 724-1550 ext. 2002 for more information.

Dumpster Service Fees

2 Cubic Yards
$99.65 $199.29 $298.92 $398.56 $498.21 $597.84
4 Cubic Yards
$199.29 $398.56 $597.56 $797.13 $996.40 $1,195.69
6 Cubic Yards
$298.92 $597.96 $896.78 $1,194.90 $1,494.60 $1,793.52
8 Cubic Yards
$398.56 $797.13 $1,195.69 $1,594.24 $1,992.81 $2,391.37
If more frequent or special pick-ups are required on other than normal collection days, a flat rate additional charge based on the size of the container used for collection will be added to the basic charge using the following fee:

The City also provides recycling dumpsters or containers for businesses by request. Please call 727-724-1550, ext. 2002 for further information and free waste assessment to better service your business.

Commercial Dumpster Collection Guidelines

Businesses and organizations supplied with dumpsters should follow these guidelines:
•Dumpsters that are visible at ground level from any public right-of-way or adjacent property must be concealed in a gated enclosure with a reinforced concrete pad. Enclosures must be constructed so the dumpster is accessible to users and refuse collection trucks, and must conform to city specifications. For assistance or questions, call 727-724-1550 ext 2002
•Do not block dumpster enclosures with vehicles or other obstructions.
•Do not overload containers or place objects on top of closed lids.
•Cut pipes or boards into short lengths so they will not stick out of or become wedged in the container.
•Do not place the following materials in the container: concrete, dirt, sod, sand, plaster or other heavy building materials, electronics, paint, tar, hot ashes, flammable/hazardous/biomedical waste, auto batteries or tires.
•Drain and wrap wet garbage prior to placing in the container.

Additional Commercial Services

The Sanitation Division offers a commercial recycling program, collecting corrugated cardboard and other materials from businesses.  For information please call 724-1550 ext. 2002.

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