Sanitation Division

Public Works Sanitation Division Staff
The Sanitation Division encompasses four programs: Residential Service, Commercial Dumpster Service, Curbside Recycling Service, and Special Pick-up Service. The division collects approximately 6,800 homes averaging 8,600 tons of garbage a year. Approximately 900 tons of yard waste is collected per year. The Commercial Dumpster Service collects approximately 4,800 tons per year. All of the City's apartments and town homes are also collected by commercial routes. These businesses and communities all vary in service from once per week to five days a week collecting either 2 yard, 4 yard, 6 yard, or 8 yard dumpsters. The Curbside Recycling Service is collected once a week in our new single stream 65 gallon toters, or the small 19 gallon bins for the truck limited hard to reach residents. Annually, the program collects approximately 344 tons of newspaper, 417 tons of mixed paper, 112 tons of #1 through #7 plastic bottles and 41 tons of aluminum/steel cans. With the single stream, glass is now collected at the curbside pickup. The apartment complexes receive the same service but are collected in 90 gallon toters. The Special Pick-up Service provides collection to the community for services that do not fall under the curbside collection requirements. These services entail an additional cost to the residents for the services provided. These include large amounts of yard waste collection, trash collection, clean up dumpster services, and appliance collection.
  1. Residential Services
  2. Collection Instructions
  3. Correct/Incorrect Placement
  4. Yard Waste
  5. Residential Dumpster
  6. Building Materials
  7. Additional Services

Curbside Services

The City of Safety Harbor Sanitation Division provides residential curbside collection once a week for garbage and once a week for recycling.

All garbage and trash shall be deposited at the curb for pickup no later than 6:30 a.m. on the scheduled day for collection. All garbage and trash shall be placed at the curb no earlier than 5:00 p.m. the day prior to collection and all garbage containers shall be removed from the right-of-way and the property adjacent thereto no later than midnight the day of collection.

  • If you live North of Enterprise Road, you receive garbage collection on Monday and recycling collection on Thursday. This includes the following subdivisions:
    • Cypress Hollow
    • Cypress Knoll
    • DeSoto Estates
    • Harbor Heights
    • Los Arcos
    • Northwood East
    • Weatherstone
  • If you live South of Enterprise Road your garbage collection is on Tuesday and recycling collection on Friday. Wednesday is yard waste collection citywide.

Proper Sanitation Collection Procedures

Dumpster Services

Multi-family units which have dumpster services will all be collected on Friday. These units include:

  • Baytowne
  • Cypress Trace
  • Harbor Hill Mobile Park
  • Harbor Villas
  • Los Prados
  • Lisa’s Court
  • Lover’s Oak
  • Oak Village Apartments
  • Sandal Cove
  • Spring Park Apartments/Townhomes
  • Willow Pond
  • Yorktown