Can I act as my own contractor?
State law requires construction to be done by licensed contractors, but under exemption to the law you allowed to act as your own contractor with certain restrictions. You may act as an owner-builder provided that you are building or improving a one- or two-family home, a farm outbuilding, or a commercial building with a construction value of less than $25,000.00. It must be for your own use and occupancy and not built for sale or lease. If it is a residence, you must reside in the home for at least a year after the improvements. As an owner-builder, you are required to provide direct, on-site supervision of the construction and are responsible for making sure any subcontractors are licensed. Any unlicensed person must work directly for you under your direct supervision, which would make you responsible for deducting FICA and withholding tax and providing workers’ compensation for that person.

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