Where can I find information about hurricane evacuation?
Citizens and public safety agencies can determine their evacuation zones in several ways.

First, anyone with internet access can go to the Pinellas County Emergency Management home page , then click Know Your Zone.

Second, call the Pinellas County Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) at 727-453-3150 and enter the telephone number of the property in Pinellas County only that you want to check.

Third, one could consult a copy of the official Pinellas County All-Hazard Guide that was distributed city halls, city fire departments, all libraries, Pinellas County court houses, and tax collector offices. Simply locate your house on the map to determine the level.

Fourth, access the Evacuation Guide online.

As a final option, you can call the Pinellas County offices at 727-464-3800 and they will look it up for you, as time permits.

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1. Where can I find information about hurricane evacuation?
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