Public Parking

Public Parking Map Over a Picture of Cars Parked on Street

Downtown Safety Harbor is home to numerous restaurants, shops, and businesses. A wide array of events are held throughout the year. As you plan your visit to Downtown Safety Harbor, please consider walking or bicycling. Downtown Safety Harbor is bicycle friendly and there are numerous bicycle racks throughout downtown.

Public parking is free and includes on-street parking and public parking lots. The brochure below shows the public parking locations.

Throughout downtown, you will see blue “P” downtown parking signs at public parking lots and on street parking areas. Along 2nd Street S., and other areas, please look for “brick spaces public parking” to indicate designated, on-street public parking spaces.

Along streets where there is no designated on-street parking, if there is not a no parking sign, parallel parking is allowed. Avoid parking in front of driveways and hydrants and maintain a safe distance from stop signs and crosswalks. Where posted, parking for longer than two hours on Main Street between Tenth Avenue and First Avenue is prohibited. Parking for longer than forty-eight (48) hours on all other streets or avenues within the city is prohibited. Boat trailer parking is allowed at the downtown marina, along Veteran’s Memorial Lane.

Downtown Parking Map (PDF)