OpenGov Safety Harbor

City of Safety Harbor, Florida: OpenGov

In an effort to improve transparency of financial reporting, the City has launched the OpenGov financial transparency platform. OpenGov is a web-based platform that provides financial and non-financial information to both internal and external users. It provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface that allows users to easily access the City’s financial and budgetary information. This software makes it easy for users to see data in both a graphical/visual format as well as numerically enabling simple analysis of trends over time as well as side by side comparisons. Users can view, filter, and analyze revenue, expense and balance sheet accounts.

Citywide Expenses by Department
Citywide Expenses by Department (FY2016)

Citywide Revenues vs Expenditures
Citywide Revenues vs. Expenditures (FY11-15)

This platform has pre-saved views to allow users to easily access common questions related to current year and historical data. Below are some questions that can be answered using the OpenGov platform:
1) What is the City’s total budget?
2) How much has the City budgeted for Capital Projects?
3) What are citywide total tax revenues?
4) How much revenue is generated by Ad Valorem taxes?
5) How much does the City spend on law enforcement?
6) How much does the City spend on fire protection services?
7) How much does the City spend on parks and recreation services?
8) What are governmental fund revenues?
9) What are proprietary fund revenues?
10) What are citywide revenues vs. expenditures?

Click on the link below to access the OpenGov portal…