Tree Protection

Safety Harbor is home to an extensive tree canopy including many protected and established trees.  Below is information regarding our tree regulations, tree pruning, and tree related activities. 


Tree Ordinance
In 2015, the City Commission adopted a tree ordinance (Article X of the City of Safety Harbor Comprehensive Zoning and Land Development Code) including:


  • a protected tree list
  • minimum tree planting requirements
  • regulations for tree removal and replacement
  • pruning standards
  • procedures for enforcement of the tree ordinance

A link to the tree ordinance is below:
Safety Harbor Tree Ordinance

Tree Permit
The removal of protected trees requires a tree removal permit.  A link to the permit is below:

Tree Removal Permit
Protected Trees and Replacement List

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is required to be performed to American National Standards called ANSI 300 Part 1: Tree, Shrub, and other Woody Plant Maintenance Standard Practices.  Improper tree pruning can lead to damage where rot and decay can enter the tree.  A link to a brochure is below:

Tree Pruning Brochure

Tree Planting

Below is a link to information regarding tree planting.

Tree Planting Details
Planting and Establishing Trees

Free Tree Event

 The next free tree event will be scheduled in October of 2019. Property owners may select two trees with proof of property ownership. The trees are free to Safety Harbor residents and businesses. For more information contact Art Finn, City Arborist at 727-724-1555 ext.1303.

Street Tree Planting Program

In 2018, the city started a shade tree planting program where free trees were planted in residents’ front yards to provide shade and beauty to our city.   A total of 20 trees were planted.  The next deadline to apply for the street tree planting program is February 15, 2019. Below is a link to the application:

Street Tree Planting Application

Tree Planting Waiver

A signed waiver form is required at time of application to allow staff and a planting contractor to determine a proper location and plant the trees.  Available trees include southern live oak, shumard oak, bluff oak, sand live oak, bald cypress, pignut hickory and winged elms. Trees are available  in 15 and 30 gallon containers. Please select two tree choices since one may not be available. Residents who apply for the program are responsible for watering the trees.  All requests will be reviewed to confirm the tree can thrive in the requested location. 

If you have any questions about this program, please e-mail Art Finn at 

Tree FAQs
Below is a link to the City’s tree related frequently asked questions.

Tree FAQs

Tree Consultation
If you would like the City Arborist to provide information regarding a tree on your property such as a species determination, health assessment, or pruning recommendations, please contact:

Art Finn, City Arborist

(727) 724-1555 ex.1303