Calls for Artists

Creative Conversations 2016

It's that time again! Are you an artist who is interested in getting their artwork featured in Safety Harbor? We encourage you to attend our Creative Conversations workshops at the Safety Harbor Museum and Cultural Center (329 Bayshore Blvd S). On Monday, June 27th we welcome artists to present their concepts and ideas for consideration for the 16/17 fiscal year. The audience is encouraged to vote for the projects that they would most like to see brought to Safety Harbor.


The Creative Conversations on Public Art started in 2015 by the City Commission Advisory Board-Public Art Committee. Public Art is owned and valued by the Safety Harbor Community and the community’s input is vital to decision making. The Public Art Committee also choses to leave the creativity to the artist with their proposals. 
Areas within the City’s CRA district (Community Redevelopment Area) are identified as potential spaces for Public Art and artists/artist groups are invited to investigate the identified locations and propose concepts, details, and budgets on how they could be enhanced with Public Art.The community is invited to listen and also vote on submitted concepts. After the artist proposal night the Public Art Committee reviews the projects and citizen votes. City Staff reviews proposals and lends input on risk factors, long term maintenance, and additional city expenses. The Public Art Committee then makes their recommendations to be identified on projects & budgets for the upcoming fiscal year. 

What is the committee and community looking for?

The Committee leaves the creativity in the hands of the artists. Proposals are encouraged for both permanent and temporary displays. Some re-occurring topics that have taken place over the past 2 years in terms of Public Art include…
• Centennial Commemorative or Celebratory types of pieces ( Safety Harbor Centennial is 2017) 
• Kinetic Wind Sculptures
• Community / Memory pieces ( those works that people love to get their photo taken with and share with family / friends becomes a part of their own personal memories and travels)

What is the budget?

The City Commission allocates the overall funding for Public Art out of the CRA budget. The public art budget is developed from the project proposals with a basis of artist’s fees, supplies, installation, insurance, etc. Historically, here’s a listing of the overall public art budget allocations: 
2015-2016: $30,000 (5 Projects + maintenance) 
2014-2015: $25,000 (3-4 projects and maintenance) 
2013-2014: $23,000 (3-4 projects + maintenance)
2012-2013: $20,000 (3-4 Projects + maintenance) 

Proposed Art Locations

Below are the Public areas identified for Public Art and CRA funding. The Public Art Committee is open to reviewing public art proposals on other public facilities outside of the CRA but funding sources are not guaranteed. The Public Art Committee welcomes and is open to reviewing proposals that consists of private funding or partnership proposals for Public Art. 

Public Art Available Locations

Interested in applying?

If you are interested in applying, please fill out the application along and mail it to: City of Safety Harbor, 750 Main Street, Safety Harbor, FL 34695 along with any accompanying documents requested. Deadline for submission is June 27th, 2016
Questions? Email: