Annexation means the adding of land to the boundaries of an incorporated municipality, making the property a part of the municipality. This is done 2 ways:
  • Petition for voluntary annexation
  • Referendum vote
Voluntary Annexations
The City of Safety Harbor encourages voluntary annexations. The process for voluntary annexations takes about 2 months to complete.

Requirements for Annexation
A parcel, or piece of land, can only be annexed if the property is inside the City of Safety Harbor Municipal Service Area.

Improved Services
For the property owner, annexation will mean an improvement in services, such as library, recreation, garbage pickup and road maintenance, provided to Safety Harbor residents.

Annexation Types
Petition for Voluntary annexation allows the property owner to individually decide if he or she wants their property to become part of a municipality. The property owner signs and submits a petition requesting voluntary annexation to the municipality. There is no limitation on the number of properties involved in this process. It can involve 1  parcel or several at the same time. Access an Application to Annex to the City of Safety Harbor (PDF).

Improved Government Efficiency
The irregular boundaries between the city and the county require a duplication of services for the pockets of unincorporated areas in the city boundaries. Eliminating the irregular boundaries eliminates confusion as to whether a particular parcel should be receiving services from the city or the county and removes the need for duplicate services to be provided to the same area.

Greater Representation
As a Safety Harbor citizen, you will have a direct voice on issues that directly impact the community you live, work and play. Your elected officials, 5 City Commission members, and City Staff are easily accessible, while still maintaining your privilege of voting for your District 4 County Commissioner.