Frequently asked questions about annexation

What does annexation mean?
Annexation is the process that allows properties outside the city limits to become part of the city. Annexation is voluntary.

What are some benefits of annexation?

  • Vote in municipal elections
  • Connect to city utilities
  • Receive solid waste and code enforcement services
  • Reduced rates for recreation facility rentals, programs, and activities
  • It's free to apply!

Annexation Brochure

What are the steps to annex?
A link to the annexation application is below. After submittal, steps include review and two City Commission public hearings. After annexation, zoning is assigned to the property. Properties are assigned a zoning district that is equal to or less intensive that the current designation to Pinellas County. Zoning assignment steps include a Planning & Zoning Board meeting and two City Commission public hearings. Annexation and zoning assignment take approximately four months to complete.
Annexation Application
Annexation applications may be dropped off or mailed to:

Planning Division
City of Safety Harbor
750 Main St.
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Is there a charge to annex?
There is no charge to annex a property, unless the property owner would like to apply for a more intensive zoning district than the current designation in Pinellas County. This requires submittal of a rezoning application and application fee. Depending on the zoning district that is proposed, city and County-wide Future Land Use map amendments may be required in advance of the rezoning.

How will my services change?
Water: If your property is connected to City water, the 25% additional charge will be removed.

Sewer Services: The City code requires that existing structures within 150 feet of a gravity sewer line connect within 180 days after notification that services are available.

Solid Waste and Recycling: The City of Safety Harbor provides residential curbside collection. The City has the exclusive right to provide sanitation services within the city's municipal limits. For more information, visit the Sanitation Division's website at: or call Public Works at (727)724-1550.

If you have additional questions, contact the Community Development Department at (727)724-1555 x 1702 or