Water Conservation Programs

Alternate Water Sources Rebate Program
Pinellas County Utilities is offering a rebate of up to $300 when you install a shallow well, deep well or surface water withdrawal system for irrigation. Safety Harbor residents are eligible to participate in this program. If you are interested please call the Program at 727-464-3688 or visit the  Pinellas Utilities page.

Saving Water, Fixing Leaks, Saving Money

The Southwest Florida Management District offers information on how you can audit and retrofit your home to conserve water and save money. For more information, call the District Office at 800-836-0797 or 800-423-1476. You can also view the RetroFit Informational Document (PDF).

Saving Water Indoors
We need to save water every way we can. If we don't conserve, we're pouring water, and money, down the drain. Learn how you can save water in your home or place of business.