Recycling Just Got Easier
Safety Harbor has changed the way we collect recycling. The new program change starts April 15, 2013.
  • Part of the City will receive new 64-gallon recycling carts, while part of the City will remain on 19-gallon containers due to route constrictions and residential storage restrictions.
  • The residents who currently have automated pickup for their trash will have the automated pickup for their recycling.
  • The new collection procedure will allow residents to start recycling all plastics #1-#7, juice and milk cartons, all color glass, cardboard, newspaper, mixed paper, aluminum and steel. These items will all go into one container and will no longer be sorted at the curb.
The ability to collect more recyclables will allow the City to cut down on the amount of trash taken to the landfill. Our goal is to make recycling easier for our residents, increase our program participation, both by the amount of recyclables and the number of residents participating, and to help prevent rate increases by changing the sanitation trash collection to a once a week pickup.

Frequency & Guidelines
Curbside collection of recycling is one time per week. All items must be curbside by 6:30 a.m. on your scheduled day, co-mingled in your recycling container. Please only use city provided recycling containers. Other items can be recycled at the drop off centers located in the city. To request a recycling container, call 727-724-1550, ext. 2002.

Recyclable Items

Items that can be recycled are:
  • All color glass bottles and jars
  • Aluminum cans
  • Cardboard
  • Juice boxes
  • Mixed paper
  • Newspapers
  • Plastic (#1 thru #7)
  • Steel cans

Non-recyclable Items

Items that cannot be placed in the container are:
  • Lawn Clippings/Leaves
  • Plastic Bags
  • Styrofoam
If the recycling container is contaminated with non-recyclable items, the container will be left at the curb until contamination is corrected.
Recycling Bins
Cardboard Dumpsters_thumb.jpg

Drop-Off Centers

Public Works Department

1200 Railroad Avenue
Safety Harbor, FL 34695
Phone: 727-724-1550
Accepts: used motor oil for resident’s only, antifreeze, aluminum, glass, mixed paper (any paper that tears, ie: cereal boxes, magazines, junk mail, telephone books), cardboard, newspapers, and plastics

Fire Station #53 

3095 McMullen Booth Road
Safety Harbor, FL 34695
Phone: 727-724-1536
Accepts: cardboard, plastic, mixed paper, aluminum and newspaper
A-Z Recycling Guide

Disposal Guide

Check out the handy A to Z web guide for environmentally-friendly alternatives to trashing over 250 unwanted items. Find out how to recycle or safely dispose of just about anything in Pinellas County, including cell phones, hearing aids, junk mail, construction debris, plastic bags, and much more.

Household Chemicals & Electronics

Safety Harbor no longer hosts the free Household Collection Day. Pinellas County has opened a North County site that will be open certain Saturday’s throughout the year. Please check the link below for specific dates for this location.

Items Accepted

Residents can bring their unwanted/unused paints, computers, (whole) televisions, fluorescent bulbs/tubes, and up to 5 gallons of fuel (see link below for a complete listing of acceptable items). You can also drop off your household chemicals at the Household Electronics and Chemical Collection Center.