City of Safety Harbor, Florida
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Legal Notices
Legal Notices:

MARCH 10, 2015 Election Results:

An election was held on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 for the purpose of electing Commissioners to Seat Numbers 1 and 3 for three-year terms.   The results were as follows:

Seat #1:  Janet Hooper (1,998 votes); Chris R. Logan (1,802 votes)

Seat #2:  Cliff Merz (Unopposed)

Seat #3:  Andy Zodrow (1,955 votes); Joe Ayoub (1,867 votes)

Full Election Results


Ayoub, Joe:  M-12
Ayoub, Joe:  M-1
Ayoub, Joe:  G1-15
Ayoub, Joe:  G2-15
Ayoub, Joe:  G3-15
Ayoub, Joe:  TRG-15

Merz, Cliff:  M-11
Merz, Cliff:  TRG-15 (Termination Report)

Hooper, Janet:  M-11
Hooper, Janet:  M-12
Hooper, Janet:  M-1
Hooper, Janet:  M-1 Amended
Hooper, Janet:  G1-15
Hooper, Janet:  G1-15 Amended
Hooper, Janet:  G2-15
Hooper, Janet:  G3-15
Hooper, Janet:  TRG-15 (Termination Report)

Logan, Chris R.:  M-12
Logan, Chris R.:  M-12 Amended
Logan, Chris R.:  M-1
Logan, Chris R.:  G1-15
Logan, Chris R.:  G2-15
Logan, Chris R.:  G3-15
Logan, Chris R.:  TRG-15 (Termination Report)

Zodrow, Andy:  M-12
Zodrow, Andy:  M-1
Zodrow, Andy:  Amended M-1
Zodrow, Andy:  G1-15
Zodrow, Andy:  G2-15
Zodrow, Andy:  G3-15
Zodrow, Andy:  TRG-15

Election Precincts
(Subject To Change)
  • 606: Safety Harbor Public Library (101 2nd St. N.)
  • 608: Safety Harbor Public Library (101 2nd St. N.)
  • 612: Cypress Meadows Community Church (2180 N. McMullen Booth Rd.)
  • 613:  Safety Harbor Public Library (101 2nd St. N.)
  • 614: Espiritu Santo Catholic Church (2405 Philippe Pkwy.)
  • 615: Countryside Baptist Church (2525 N. McMullen Booth Rd.)
  • 619: Briar Creek Mobile Home Park - Clubhouse 1 (100 Briar Creek Blvd.)

City of Safety Harbor