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Water Restrictions
Lawn SprinklerOverview

Updated August 1st, 2014
SWFWMD has implemented a less stringent watering schedule for Pinellas County residents. This declaration means that conditions are better than normal and warrant the following restrictions.

Customers are encouraged to follow the watering schedule shown below all year long unless otherwise stated.

Lawn Watering Schedule and Times
  • Lawn watering is limited to two days per week.
  • Unless your city or county has a different schedule or stricter hours in effect.

If your house number ends in:
Then you may water on
Even Numbers
Thursdays and/or Sundays
Odd Numbers
Wednesdays and/or Saturdays
 Rights-of-way, common areas and
no address locations
Tuesdays and/or Fridays
Watering is not allowed between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.
Morning Hours Evening Hours
midnight to 8 a.m. 6 p.m. to midnight

Irrigation Systems
  • Residents are asked to check their irrigation systems to ensure they are working properly. This means testing and repairing broken pipes and leaks, and damaged or tilted sprinkler heads.
  • Residents should also check their irrigation timer to ensure the settings are correct and the rain sensor is working properly in accordance with state law. 

New Lawns and Plants
  • New lawns and plants have a 60 day establishment period, which allows any-day watering during days 1-30.
  • During days 31-60, watering is allowed three days per week: even-numbered addresses may water on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday; odd-numbered addresses may water Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Rights-of-way and other “no address” locations may be watered on Fridays only.

Other Restrictions
  • Reduce indoor water use on a voluntary basis
  • Test and repair irrigation systems

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