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Utility Billing
Manage Your Utility Bill Online
City utility customers now have the ability to access utility accounts and pay bills online.

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Billing Information
A deposit fee is required of all customers. Interest is earned on the deposit and is credited to the utility account annually. Deposits are held until an account is closed and is then applied to the final bill. The balance, if any, is refunded to the customer.  Owners with twenty-four months of good credit may request a refund of their deposit.  (Good credit is defined as no more than two late notices in the preceding twenty-four months, no returned checks, and no disconnections.)
    - City Residents $100.00 for owners $160.00 for renters
    - Outside City Limits $125.00 for owners $200.00 for renters
Utility Bill
The utility bill for water, sewer, sanitation, stormwater and recycling is charged as follows:

 Base charge for Water service, monthly 
 Base charge for Sewer service, monthly
 Flat charge for Sanitation service, monthly
 Flat charge for Stormwater service, monthly (per residential unit)
 $ 7.25
 Flat charge for Recycling service, monthly
 $ 2.77
 Street Light Assessment, monthly (per residential unit)  $ 3.25 
 Total Monthly Bill
 Plus: Consumption Rates for Water (based on thousand gallons):  
 0 -  7.0 gallons  $  2.03
 7.0 - 10.0 gallons  $  5.53
 10.0 - 15.0 gallons  $  8.31
 15.0 - 20.0 gallons  $12.45
 Over  20.0 gallons  $15.58
 Plus: Consumption Rates for Sewer (based on thousand gallons of water used):  
 0 - 15.0 gallons  $  5.17
 Outside City Limits - Rates are 25% higher.  
Service Charges
 First Reading  $7.50
 Check Reading  N/C
 Delinquent turn off  N/C
 Delinquent turn on  $15.00-$25.00
 Returned Check Charge
  • $25.00, if the face value does not exceed $50.00
  • $30.00, if the face value is more than $50.00 but does not exceeds $300.00
  • $40.00, if the face value is more than $300.00
 Meter Bench Check  $50.00
 After hours services are 50% higher  

Miscellaneous Service Charges
Every developed property within city limits, to which sewer and sanitation services are available, is subject to a service charge although the water service may be off or the property is unoccupied. There will also be a service charge to restore service at a later date. City sanitation services are not available outside City Limits. Private agencies are responsible for providing the service.
Payment Requirements
All accounts are billed monthly and will become delinquent 20 days after billing. Customers not paying their bill by the delinquent date will be mailed a delinquent notice that will extend the due date by seven days. Failure to pay the bill by the extended due date will result in a discontinuance of water service and service fees will apply. The delinquent bills must be paid before the restoration of service. Even if a delinquent bill is paid to a City Representative when they call to shut off the water, a service fee will be charged.

Payment Options
As a convenience for our customers, we provide a variety of payment options to pay the Utility bill.
  1. Online Utility Billing Payment - For more information see Pay your Utility Bill Online at the top of this page.
  2. Direct Debit - To utilize this payment method, fill out the Authorization for Automatic Payments by Bank Draft form, attach a voided check and return to City Hall. The city will automatically withdraw your Utility Bill from your specified bank account each month.  Automatic Bank Draft form
  3. Mail -  We accept check or money orders thru the mail: City of Safety Harbor, 750 Main Street, Safety Harbor, FL 34695
  4. Drop Box - There is an after hours utility payment drop box located at the front entrance of City Hall along the right wall. You may use this slot anytime day or night. Payments placed in the box will be processed the next working day.
  5. City Hall - Payments can be made in person at City Hall. We accept cash, checks and money orders in the office.
Advance Payment
These are also acceptable and need only be forwarded to our office with your account number.

City of Safety Harbor