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1. How can I get a library card?
2. Can I register to vote at the library or update my voter registration?
3. How do I provide comments or feedback about the Library?
4. How many DVDs can I check out?
5. How long can I check out a new book?
6. Can I recommend a book or other item for purchase?
7. How can I find out what items are checked out on my card and when they are due?
8. What are the library hours?
9. Where is the library located?
10. Can I volunteer at the library?
11. Does the library accept donations?
12. Does the library have books for sale?
13. What if the item I want isn't in the catalog?
14. Can I check out books if I don't have my library card?
15. I lost an item, paid for it, but now I found it. What do I do?
16. Do you have bicycle locks I can borrow?
17. I think I returned an item, but it still shows on my card as out. What happens now?
18. How long can I checkout items and how many of each?
19. How do I place an item on hold?
20. How do I make a List?
21. How do I renew a book or other item?
22. Does the library have Internet access?
23. Does the library have a public fax?
24. How can I comment on a recent program or event?
25. Does the library charge for Interlibrary loans?
26. Does the library proctor tests?