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Posted on: March 28, 2019

Smoke Test Notification

Posted: 3/28/19

The City of Safety Harbor is currently working with McKim & Creed Engineer’s for inspection of the City’s sanitary sewer system.   

Within the month of April, McKim & Creed will be starting a “smoke test” survey that will assist our inspection crews in locating breaks and defects in our City’s sanitary sewer system.  The smoke you may see coming from the vent stacks on houses or holes in the ground is non-toxic, non-staining, has no odor, is white to gray in color and creates NO fire hazard.  The smoke should not enter your home unless you have defective plumbing or dried up drain taps.  McKim & Creed asks that you add a gallon of water to your sinks and floor drains prior to the smoke testing.  If smoke enters your home there is good reason to assume that dangerous sewer gases may also be entering your home or business.  You should evacuate immediately and notify work crews.  If you are not home and discover smoke when you return, please call 727.902.4071.  Important:  If there is any individual in your home or business who has respiratory problems and is immobile, please notify McKim & Creed at 727.442.7196 prior to testing.  The below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and response:

1.Will it kill my pets? – No, it’s non toxic mineral oil.

2.Are you testing my house? – No, we are testing the City lines as part of their maintenance program to identify potential problem areas.

3.Add a gallon of water? – If you use all of your facilities, you should be fine. If not run the water for about 30 seconds to fill the traps and flush the toilet. If you have an outdoor shower/sink/toilet or drain in your garage (older homes) also add water in those areas.

4.What if smoke comes in? – This is an indication that you may have a bad wax ring under the toilet, a small crack in your indoor piping or old/cracked caulk. Your local plumber or condo maintenance person can address this.

5.How do I get rid of the smoke? - Open the doors and windows and air out the unit/house. It dissipates rather quickly and again is not harmful.

6.How long does it take? - We are typically in and out of areas rather quickly, usually under an hour.

7.Do I have to be home? - No

8.Will it back up my piping? - No the smoke travels along the top of the main lines in the street and cannot in anyway cause a back up. 

The following areas are scheduled for smoke testing as follows.  Note that McKim & Creed will distribute door hanger notifications 48 hours in advance of the smoke testing.

Note that dates are subject to change.

Smoke Test Schedule April 2019

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