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City Commission Meeting - January 17, 2023

Dave Carrozza with wife and Mayor Ayoub for Retirement Recognition

Retirement Recognition

Please join us in congratulating Mr. Dave Carrozza (Leisure Services ) on his retirement after 22 years of service to City of Safety Harbor. Dave was recognized at the City Commission meeting. Congrats to Dave; we wish him all the best!   

Pictured L to R: Deb Carrozza (Dave's wife), Dave Carrozza (LS), and Mayor Ayoub.

City Commission Meeting - December 19, 2022

Years of Service Award Gary Sawtelle

Years of Service Award

Please join us in congratulating Mr. Gary Sawtelle (Site Beautification Technician) for 10 years of service. Gary was recognized at the December 19, 2022, City Commission meeting for completing milestone service at City of Safety Harbor! Congrats, Gary, and thank you for your years of dedication, devotion, and service to the City, to your co-workers, and the citizens!  

Pictured L to R: Gary Sawtelle and Mayor Ayoub

City Commission Ugly Sweater Contest

City Commission Ugly Sweater Contest

At the December 19, 2022, Commission Meeting the Mayor, Commissioners, and City Staff participated in an Ugly Sweater Contest.  

June Solanes, Finance Director, was this Year’s Ugly Sweater Contest Winner! Congrats, June!

Pictured L to R: Kim Nicholls (HR Director), Shannon Schafer (Recreation Superintendent), Rachael Telesca (City Clerk), Matt Spoor (City Manager), Commissioner Steingold, June Solanes (WINNER – Finance Director), Mayor Ayoub, Commissioner Diaz, Vice-Mayor Besore, Commissioner Merz,  City Attorney Nikki Day, Andrea Norwood (Leisure Services Director), and Fire Chief Stefancic

City Commission Meeting - December 6, 2022

City Employees Sworn into Service

Staff Swearing In Ceremony December 2022At last night’s City Commission meeting, employees were sworn into service.  

Congratulations to All and welcome to Team Safety Harbor!

Pictured L to R: Tisha Garver (Community Development), Kaitlyn Doukas (Fire); Evan Gilmore (Public Works); and Mayor Ayoub

Pinellas County School Intern Recognition

Pinellas County Schools Intern RecognitionAt last night’s City Commission meeting, City interns from Pinellas County Schools were recognized for their contributions this past year. Congratulations to them all, and we look forward to the amazing things each will accomplish and best wishes on a bright future!  

Pictured L to R: Matthew Walker (Engineering); Mayor Ayoub; and Kyle Lawler (Fire)

University of South Florida Intern Recognition

University of South Florida Intern RecognitionAt last night’s City Commission meeting, our City intern from University of South Florida (USF) was recognized for his contributions this past semester. This fall, City of Safety Harbor had the pleasure of sponsoring Mr. Maxx Brown who is a graduate student at USF and is finalizing his master’s degree in public administration. Mr. Brown also holds a bachelor’s degree in political science.  

Thank you, Maxx for spending time with us this past semester. We look forward to seeing you accomplish great things! Best of luck to you in your future endeavors! 

Pictured L to R: Maxx Brown and Mayor Ayoub

City Commission Meeting - November 21, 2022

Christopher Palmieri Employee of the Quarter – 3rd Quarter 2022

Employee of the Quarter Presentation - Third Quarter 2022Congratulations to ALL CITY EMPLOYEES for being named the Christopher Palmieri Employee of the Quarter, 3RD Quarter 2022. All Employees were recognized at last night’s City Commission Meeting. Way to go, Team Safety Harbor!

City of Safety Harbor employees have shown and proven exemplary service to the Citizens of Safety Harbor this past quarter. Team Safety Harbor has continued to pick up trash, keep the roadways and parks clean and clear, keep the water running, issue permits, manage projects, deliver books and other reading materials to patrons, offer recreation programs and summer camps to our kids, keep the fitness room going, respond to emergencies, manage the City’s finances, and look out for the wellbeing of each other. All during staffing shortages and let’s throw in a hurricane for good measure where Staff distributed nearly 6000 sandbags in 2 days, prepped the City’s infrastructure, picked up storm debris, and returned the City to normal all in under two weeks.

Thank you, City of Safety Harbor Employees, for all you do!

The Christopher Palmieri Employee of the Quarter Program was established in June of 2018 in memory of City Employee, District Chief Chris Palmieri. Throughout the year, we remember our friend and co-worker, and the example he set as a positive and committed employee of the City of Safety Harbor, which is the true meaning behind our Employee of the Quarter Program.  

Pictured L to R: Matt Spoor (CM), Jim Picarazzi (CD), Erik McCarthy (Community Compliance), Commissioner Steingold, Michelle Giuliani (Eng), Fire Chief Stefancic, Vice-Mayor Besore, DC Hawkins, Mayor Ayoub, Nick Tzigos (Building Maint), Liz Bandy (CD), Sue Song (Eng), Troy Wilcox (Eng), CeCe Chen (CD), DC Saavedra, Donna Mack (Rec), Maurice Washington (Building Maint), Dave Carrozza (Parks/BM), Commissioner Diaz, and Commissioner Merz

City Commission Meeting - November 7, 2022

World Kindness Week

World Kindness Proclamation PresentationAt the November 7th City Commission Meeting, the Mayor and Commissioners, as part of an international celebration, recognized November 7th through the 13th as World Kindness week by proclamation. The City further dedicated this week to late Teen Leader McKenna Brown.     

This past summer, the City lost a valued member of our team - Teen Leader, McKenna Brown. McKenna’s story brings to light the continued dangers of cyberbullying and challenges our youth and teens' experience. Following is a link to McKenna’s story - McKenna’s Memorial Page on Facebook can be found at -

In honor of McKenna, the City will display #KindnessMatters decals on all City vehicles, add #KindnessMatters to Teen Leader shirts, and plant a tree at Folly Farm – just one of the locations McKenna frequented during her summers at Safety Harbor.  

By recognizing Kindness Matters, all members of our community will be made aware of the importance of being kind to others and by teaching our youth and teens to make a difference through kindness. World Kindness Week is intended to encourage all of us to practice kindness in our homes, schools, businesses, and communities throughout the year.  

Pictured L to R: Mr. & Mrs. Brown (McKenna’s Parents) and Mayor Ayoub


The Safety Harbor City Commission meets the first and third Mondays of each month at 7:00 PM in the Commission Chambers located at 750 Main Street.