A Harbor Holiday - FAQs

Know Before You Go

1. How many trolleys will be running? 8 

2. Do I have to start a certain stop? No. You can start your night at any one of our the stops. 

3. Where should I park? Any of the City’s public parking areas will put you within a comfortable walking distance of our Downtown stops. 

4. What if I don’t want to wait to catch a trolley? No problem! The Downtown stops are all within walking distance of each other. 

5. Do I have to visit every stop? No, but you’ll want to! This is a hop-on-and-off style event. You can get on and off the trolleys at any stop that you’d like. 

6. What if I get hungry? Most stops are in Downtown, so you can enjoy any of Safety Harbor’s great restaurants! Food vendors also available at some stops. See event map for more details. 

7. How much do the activities and trolley cost? The event is completely FREE! Trolley rides, activities, and crafts are all free. You’ll want to bring money in case you get hungry or want to do some shopping at Santa’s Workshop – Night Time Market. 

8. Do I have to stay all 4 hours? No. The event starts at 5:00pm, but you can start later and leave when you’re ready. 

9. Can the Jolley Trolley handle a wheel chair passenger? Yes, all of our trolleys are wheel chair equipped. 

10. Can I take my bicycle on the Jolley Trolley? NO – We are not going to allow for bikes on the event trolleys. Normally Bikes are allowed on Jolley Trolley. For the time and flow of the event we will not be allowing bikes. 

11. Can I take my dog on the Jolley Trolley? Only service animals are allowed on the Jolley Trolley.

12. Can I bring an open container of alcohol on the Jolley Trolley? No, we adhere to the law and prohibit open containers of alcohol. 

13. Can the Jolley Trolley handle strollers? Yes, but we want to encourage people to walk. All stops are within walking distance with the exception of Folly Farms. To load strollers on / off would take the participant more time than just walking to the closest stops. 

14. Can I eat on the Jolley Trolley? Yes, all of our elves will have a trash bag on hand if you need to dispose of any trash.