Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers - 1:1:1 Sanitation/Recycling Collection
The City of Safety Harbor is proud to begin the County’s very first 1:1:1 sanitation and recycling collection program. These changes started in late 2008 when your city government studied the future needs and trends of sanitation/recycling collection. Our goal has always been to ensure a long-term, sustainable Sanitation Department while reducing the amount of trash and debris our city dumps at the county landfill.

First Phase

The first phase of the program began with a new in-house recycling division and a reduction in bulk pick-up service. Prior to these changes vehicles would drive down each street in Safety Harbor, twice a week, in the event a resident had a bulk item for disposal. We decreased bulk collection to one day with a plan to create a scheduled bulk service.

Resident Feedback
After the initial changes we heard from residents, supportive of the new operation but wanting more from our recycling service. Specifically expanding the type and quantity of recycling material collected. Staff began to plan and in 2012 the City Commission approved the beginning of the new 1:1:1 Sanitation/Recycling Collection.

First Recycling Containers
The first single-stream recycling containers were delivered in February 2013 and residents couldn’t wait to fill up their containers. In the short time the single stream recycling program has been in operation we have seen our participation and recycling tonnage increase twofold. At the same time we have witnessed a substantial decrease in the amount of waste collected and transported to the county land fill. To say that the new single stream recycling program has been a success would be a gross understatement. Residents of Safety Harbor have embraced the new system as evident by the usage and positive feedback.

New Program
Your elected leaders and city staff are excited to begin our new 1:1:1 program on September 30, 2013, a full 3 months ahead of schedule. We appreciate the support we have received and fully understand that our success as a community is a team effort, with our residents leading the way!

Why is the City starting a new 1-1-1 collection?
  • To increase recycling participation and comply with Florida Legislature House Bill 7135, which requires all households to recycle 75% of their household waste by 2020
  • To decrease waste and tonnage hauled to the county landfill, increasing the life expectancy of the only county landfill in Pinellas County
  • To decrease or sustain operating cost; to lower, maintain and/or prevent future customer rate increases and; to plan, prepare and offset future tipping increases at the county landfill
How will this program maintain or decrease operating expenses?
  • Eliminates the need to purchase 2 sole task recycling trucks at a savings of over $450,000, every 5 years
  • Utilizes the same vehicles (trucks) and personnel to collect trash the 1st half of the week and recycling the 2nd half of the week
  • Eliminates operation and maintenance costs of 2 additional sole task recycling trucks plus the associated costs saved by changing the bulk pick-up to scheduled pick-up versus the current wasteful practice of driving down every city street looking for a bulk item to pick-up
So what exactly is changing?
  • Trash will be collected in the 90-gallon can 1 day per week, on your 1st current collection day (either Monday or Tuesday).
  • Recycling will be collected once a week on what was previously your 2nd collection day (either Thursday or Friday). The quantity and type of items collected has increased.
  • Yard waste will be collected once a week on Wednesday. The quantity has increased.
If I need a 2nd 90-gallon trash container, can I get one?
Yes, the monthly fee for a 2nd trash container is $16.74. To request a 2nd container, please call 727-724-1550, ext. 2002.

What are my new collection days?

  • For single family homes
    • Residents who live North of Enterprise Road (except for the following subdivisions - Harbor Heights, DeSoto Estates, Los Arcos, Cypress Hollow, Cypress Knoll, Weatherstone and Northwood East) will have trash collected on Monday and recycling on Thursday. Residents who live south of Enterprise Road) will have trash collected on Tuesday and recycling on Friday.
  • For multi-family homes with dumpster service
    • Multi-family units that have dumpster services such as Baytowne, Cypress Trace, Harbor Villas, Los Prados, Lisa’s Court, Lover’s Oak, Oak Village Apartments, Sandal Cove, Spring Park Apartments/Townhomes, Harbor Hill Mobile Home Park, Willow Pond and Yorktown will have recycling collection on Friday.
  • For businesses utilizing the 90-gallon garbage can
    • Businesses that have trash collection on Monday and Thursday will now have trash collection on Monday and recycling on Thursday. Businesses that have trash collection on Tuesday and Friday will now have trash collection on Tuesday and recycling on Friday.
    • Recycling containers are available to businesses who would like one. To request a container, please call 727-724-1550 ext., 2002.
How will holidays effect this new collection?
  • The City collects every major holiday except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.
  • If one of these 3 holidays fall on your normal collection day please put your appropriate container out that Wednesday instead of the holiday. Wednesday’s yard waste collection will be suspended these weeks.
When will bulk items be collected and has the limit for bulk items changed?
  • Bulk collection days will remain the same day as your garbage collection.
  • Place bulk items at the curb for collection. Please ensure that any item does not block your 90-gallon container from being accessed by a sanitation truck.
  • Yes, up to 10 bags and/or bulk items will now be collected, the previous limit was 7.
What is the limit for yard waste collection on Wednesdays?
The amount is not to exceed 1.5 cubic yards in volume (1 and a half cubic yards is equal to 8 32-gallon cans). Yard waste will be collected in cans are not to exceed 32 gallons in capacity or 40 pounds in weight. Yard waste too bulky to be containerized shall be cut into pieces four foot long, no more than six inches in diameter, tied in bundles not exceeding 40 pounds, or 1.5 cubic yards in volume.

I’m getting less service. Why isn’t my bill decreasing?
  • Service has not decreased; the manner of collection is changing. Current collection allows for 180 gallons per week along with up to 7 bulk items/bags. The new collection allows for 90 gallons per week along with up to 10 bulk items/bags.
  • The addition of the 3 extra bulk items/bags equals 90 gallons. The City has increased the amount of yard waste that is allowed to be placed at the curb from 5 32-gallon cans/bundles up to 1.5 cubic yards in volume (1.5 cubic yards is equal to 8 32-gallon cans).
  • When the City began the single-stream recycling program in February 2013 we expanded the recycling operation with no recycling fee increase. The initial cost for the containers, over $200,000 city-wide will be recovered by not replacing the first of 2 sole task recycling trucks.
  • The City Commission will evaluate the program after 6 months with a goal of eliminating the $2.77 per month recycling fee once the new program is fully operational and sustainable.
If I have any additional questions who can I contact?
You can visit our website, call Public Works at 727-724-1550 or email us.