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Virtual Gallery: Love My City, Best in Show Finalists

Please enjoy the following compilation of the "Best in Show" finalists from our "Love My City" photo contest.

Virtual Gallery: For the Love of Safety Harbor

The Museum Gallery this summer was scheduled to be "For the Love of Safety Harbor," but unfortunately COVID-19 kept operations at a minimum. Artist/Painter Caroline Brown submitted some photographs she took around town of our beloved city. 

City Galleries Application

Artists who are interested in having their work displayed in a City Gallery should fill out the application (PDF).
Artwork of lady in white dress holding flowers and artwork of lady in blue dress on a swing.
Abstract artwork of the contemporary urban world.

Upcoming Exhibit at the Museum

The History of Coffee
The Museum is looking for community participation by loaning 1-3 coffee-related items for The History of Coffee Exhibit. We will accept old grinders, cans, mugs and cups, presses, machines, advertisements, etc. The exhibit will begin November 30th and end on January 22nd. Contact the Museum at 727-724-1562 with any questions. 

Currently on Exhibit at City Hall

Shelly E. Augsbury (SEA)
Shelly Augsbury, painting under her initials, SEA, has been in the creative arts all her life. Recipient of over 40 international, national, and regional advertising awards, she has now set her sites on the canvas. 

Art runs in Shelly's family. You can say it's in their DNA. It all started a short time ago, when one day she woke up and said, "I need to paint." Shelly never pursued painting in her creative career, but why not? So she just picked up the paintbrush and started painting. And she hasn't stopped.

Shelly paints mostly in acrylic and on a large scale. She works fast (since she has no patience, but insists she is working on that) and enjoys the flexibility acrylic gives to her art. Her paintings typically highlight the female form, the beach, flowers, cars or anything that rolls. SEA paints her passions at the moment. And most of Shelly's pieces are whimsical, colorful, and either centered at the beach, Montana, or on the open road. 

"If a painting doesn't make you smile, you're looking at the wrong one."

Currently on Exhibit at the Library

Carole Curtis
Carole was born and raised in New York City and her art reflects her life experiences as a native New Yorker, capturing the architecture of this dynamic, bold world.

Her acrylic paintings on canvas often suggest an industrialized, commercial, mercantile metropolis. In blurring the distinctions between what is real and what is imagined, her paintings suggest the city's structures and define and exploit the reflections and shadows that provide layers and definition to the work. 

Her years of designing as a graphic artist influence her art and inform her work. She sees a raw energy and beauty that emanates from the interplay of light reflected on constructed shapes. These architectural patterns, lines and shadows - communicated through abstract design - project and convey her vision of the contemporary urban world.

Susan Mayhew
Susan Mayhew is a self-taught, award winning glass artist who started working with glass in 2012. She works in her home studio in Dunedin, Florida. She is inspired by nature and brings bright colors and texture into her work. This inspires her audience to touch the glass rather than be intimidated by the fragility of glass. She has served as the treasurer and on the board of the Creative Artists Guild of Dunedin and is a 3rd year member of the Tarpon Springs Artists Association. She has earned a Best in Show, second place, third place, two honorable mentions and an Artist of the Month.

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