Safety Harbor Recycling

Safety Harbor's Positive Recycling Response
Since September 30, 2013, the City has been providing once a week garbage collection to encourage residents to increase recycling initiatives and sustain system-wide operating costs. Thanks to the support of our residents, we are off to an encouraging start. Comparing recycling tonnage figures for the first 4 months of our new program, the increased recycling collected 299 tons or 54% from the previous year.
Decreased Garbage
You have more than doubled the recycling tonnage in 4 months. As a result, you have decreased our garbage hauled to the Pinellas County Landfill by 26%. This accomplishment would not be possible without the support of our residents along with the increased quantity and types of materials recycled with the new curbside program.

More Information
For more information on our new 1:1:1 Sanitation and Recycling Program,  including our Bulk Pickup Guidelines to help with any extra weekly trash, please visit the Recycling page  or call 727-724-1550.