Water Division

The Water Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for:
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Water Information
Fluoridated Water
The City of Safety Harbor receives its potable water from the Pinellas County utility system. Recently, the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners approved the addition of fluoride to their water system. The introduction of the fluoridation application is anticipated to occur in June of 2004. More information regarding the fluoridation of drinking water can be found at the Pinellas County Utilities website.

Chloramine Information
The City of Safety Harbor purchases all of its potable water from Pinellas County Utilities. Pinellas County Utilities has made a necessary change to their water disinfection process. They are now disinfecting their potable (drinking) water with chloramines. Chloramine is a form of disinfectant produced by combining chlorine with ammonia. Both chloramines and chlorine are disinfectants that destroy potentially harmful bacteria should they enter the potable water system.

Chloramines have been used safely in the United States and Canada for many years. Tampa and Miami/Dade are among the cities in Florida that use chloramines as part of their water treatment process. For most normal uses of potable water, chloraminated water is the same as chlorinated water. There are 2 groups of people, however, who need to take special care with chloraminated water:
  • Fish owners
  • Kidney dialysis patients
Chloramines must be removed from the water used in the kidney dialysis process and from water that is used in fish tanks and ponds.

More Information
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